Monday, June 26, 2006

Hotel Towers and a Local Bach Suite

Today was my first day of work in the SH office after coming off the flight last nite. It wasn't too bad as I woke up, but jetlag has finally kicked in during the afternoons. I felt like a zombie and dead tired after lunch and feel like i'm a swimming fish on the ground now. The traffic never ceases to amaze me as the taxi that I was in actually honked and cut an ambulance (that was flashing and beeping) yesterday... I also got finalized in securing a local bachelor condo suite close to the office place today too; it is a puny room that is just like a joke compared to the Hotel suite I'm staying at (somehow I'm on the VIP Towers suite, possibly because last time I stayed a long time in SH and they flagged my name down). Eitherway, I was supposed to move into this condo tomorrow, but I kinda decided to prolong my stay at the hotel instead - as long as it's within my covered budget >:p However, locals all suggests the place i rented has a nice environment and is a semi-expensive place for them already. Mmm... this also reflects the big poverty gap in China too; ppl driving fancy Mercedes honking the bikes off afraid that they will scratch their cars, while an old lady with her back crouched picking up garbage to eat just next to the car. Somehow there's not much middle class - either people are filthy rich or are extremely poor with foreigners like myself filling up a very small midclass vacuum. Anyways, enough for me today; I'm gonna rest ,watch some worldcup and try to to forget the small condo i'm supposed to move in soon.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

And so it begins....

This is it! After long moments of anticipation, excitement, weariness, and stress; I'm departing for Shanghai tomorrow. My cell phone # will be inherited by my parents, but please feel free to contact me via berry for any urgent news like someone getting married, etc etc... Mmm... it's a bit strange now that it's the time to depart. Things start to play out in slow motion, and little bits and peices of the surroundings seem more noticeable. Strange, I've always had this kind of feeling when there's a transition.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Friends' farewell BBQ

Wooo~ yesterday was HOT! It was around 35-40deg, yet our BBQ was fun. Pig and I came a bit late as we were ahem... lost in Scarborough (can you believe that? I've been blading at Milliken for N times, yet we still took the wrong turn!) Corrie and Ka got a cool portable stove for our BBQ, and we also had lots and lots of food. I felt like my tummy was like a watermelon as we went rollerblading afterwards; so I actually fell onto the grass once this time :p There were also instances of watergun fight, and demonstation of Vikki's kendo sword on our heads /stomaches /hands... that's so cool. Thanks for Eddy and Ryan who also dropped by; I know I'm gonna miss everyone as I head to SH, but good thing there's always MSN that makes it a bit better... just a little bit :)

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Watching worldcup with the family

I've been pretty busy at work lately preparing for my upcoming assignment to Shanghai. Aside from work and lots of farewell from friends (thanks).... I also spent time with my family after work too; I think i'm gonna miss them dearly... I've been out to live alone during University; but somehow, this is a bit different as I know my parents are maturing yet there is still many chores around the house. My mom made lots of snacks and food last week and yesterday as we watched worldcup; it's good to be with the family. I know i'm gonna miss them much (i'm totally not a super sentimental person, but to think to leave them for such long time feels a bit strange). I'm not worried about myself; I feel I am worried about them more... Eitherway, it will be ok; as I'll be flying back and forth between SH and Toronto... just like taking one year off to study Masters... that's all :)

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Friends' Gatherings :)

The weekend was filled with relaxing and fun times. Thanks for organizing and everyone for the farewell dinner! Ha ha, I bet that you will still see me alot as I will fly back and forth... and you will start to think; 'hey, I thought this guy went to SH, but how come he's always here?' LOL... Anyways, It was a great gathering with lots of laughter and fun, not to mention about the SHnese food to get me acquainted with it before I head over for my assignment ;) Also met up with the Mac guys out for another reunion the next nite as well, thanks lei! Well, it's almost time for another Worldcup replay now... lates~

Monday, June 05, 2006

Do's and Dont's in Shanghai

Alas, being back in TO but still feeling some jetlag today... I also went back to the office today too, kinda felt strange as the time difference and temp difference just feels strange to me now, not to mention i got a mild cold from those endless planerides Errr... Anyways, decided to write up a list of observations of SH before I forget them...
1) Don't tip anyone, unless you really like their service.
2) Taxis drive crazily, and it is very normal if their car clips a walkerby or a bike; make sure you don't overreact!
3) To ask for receipt, ask for a 發票 ; however some places doesn't give you any available discounts if u ask for it.
4) Depending on the area u are at, the area u pay for goods is different. U have to either pay at the store, at a general paying booth if you are in a mall, or when at a restaurant - u pay right away after ordering.
5) Don't get offended or take stuff personally (my SH friend also told me) the ppl may not be as polite as in westernized countries. There are just too much ppl so anything can happen...
6) You can't drink the running water; but after boiling it is ok.
7) The weather fluctuates pretty rapidly: during the day - you get soaked with sweat as you walk around; but at nite once the sun dies down - it can get pretty cold! so always bring a jacket with you.
8) Finally, fit into the crowd like a local and you'll be fine. Speak mandarin even if you are not good at it as it will show them that you know what they are talking about (well, except SHnese dialect).

I'm back in Toronto!

Dear friends and family; i'm back in Toronto! It was long flight, but Biz class made it better as their chairs can stretch out like a bed; nonetheless, it's still a long 17hrs flight not including time required for connection flight inbetween. Anyways, will update tmr! Lates~