Saturday, June 17, 2006

Watching worldcup with the family

I've been pretty busy at work lately preparing for my upcoming assignment to Shanghai. Aside from work and lots of farewell from friends (thanks).... I also spent time with my family after work too; I think i'm gonna miss them dearly... I've been out to live alone during University; but somehow, this is a bit different as I know my parents are maturing yet there is still many chores around the house. My mom made lots of snacks and food last week and yesterday as we watched worldcup; it's good to be with the family. I know i'm gonna miss them much (i'm totally not a super sentimental person, but to think to leave them for such long time feels a bit strange). I'm not worried about myself; I feel I am worried about them more... Eitherway, it will be ok; as I'll be flying back and forth between SH and Toronto... just like taking one year off to study Masters... that's all :)

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^U^ said...

Yo man, you've got gut in tears here...boohoo =( Yeah, and we miss you a lot too.