Sunday, June 18, 2006

Friends' farewell BBQ

Wooo~ yesterday was HOT! It was around 35-40deg, yet our BBQ was fun. Pig and I came a bit late as we were ahem... lost in Scarborough (can you believe that? I've been blading at Milliken for N times, yet we still took the wrong turn!) Corrie and Ka got a cool portable stove for our BBQ, and we also had lots and lots of food. I felt like my tummy was like a watermelon as we went rollerblading afterwards; so I actually fell onto the grass once this time :p There were also instances of watergun fight, and demonstation of Vikki's kendo sword on our heads /stomaches /hands... that's so cool. Thanks for Eddy and Ryan who also dropped by; I know I'm gonna miss everyone as I head to SH, but good thing there's always MSN that makes it a bit better... just a little bit :)


可可 said...

Just msn us when you will about to come back, and hopefully it won't be so hot next time, we can do some other outdoor activities. (May be hiking in the fall time?)

AJEYA RAO said...

Having Fun! When are you leaving to China?

Edmund Lee said...

Colly; yeah! sounds like a plan, or we can go Wasaga in the Fall!

Ajeya; thx for dropping by! I'll be heading to Shanghai again this weekend... this time for a longer time, I just hope work doesn't overswamp me :)