Monday, June 05, 2006

Do's and Dont's in Shanghai

Alas, being back in TO but still feeling some jetlag today... I also went back to the office today too, kinda felt strange as the time difference and temp difference just feels strange to me now, not to mention i got a mild cold from those endless planerides Errr... Anyways, decided to write up a list of observations of SH before I forget them...
1) Don't tip anyone, unless you really like their service.
2) Taxis drive crazily, and it is very normal if their car clips a walkerby or a bike; make sure you don't overreact!
3) To ask for receipt, ask for a 發票 ; however some places doesn't give you any available discounts if u ask for it.
4) Depending on the area u are at, the area u pay for goods is different. U have to either pay at the store, at a general paying booth if you are in a mall, or when at a restaurant - u pay right away after ordering.
5) Don't get offended or take stuff personally (my SH friend also told me) the ppl may not be as polite as in westernized countries. There are just too much ppl so anything can happen...
6) You can't drink the running water; but after boiling it is ok.
7) The weather fluctuates pretty rapidly: during the day - you get soaked with sweat as you walk around; but at nite once the sun dies down - it can get pretty cold! so always bring a jacket with you.
8) Finally, fit into the crowd like a local and you'll be fine. Speak mandarin even if you are not good at it as it will show them that you know what they are talking about (well, except SHnese dialect).


可可 said...

Wow - your mandarin must be so good by now. A mandarin speaking monster..

akaie said...

I'm back! You really look fatter in the picture. I hope it's the matter of the angle when the pictures are taken :) otherwise you should seriously consider strict lifestyle changes.
As time goes on, I hope you still remember how to write and speak in English haha..

Edmund Lee said...

Ha ha, no way... i can only speak lousy mandarin at this moment so far, hopefully will have more improvements later la.

Yeah, I also notcied how fat I was in the pciture and did gym 3 times in 4 days!!! and now i got a mild flu @_@.... totlaly not an intesne excecrise person... ha ha. My Engrsih is still good gar! LOL