Saturday, December 09, 2006

Relaxing Sat

Everyone's Got to relax once in a while...! Woke up late, applied some bugspray around the building (gosh, those things can bite!); and headed out to 新天地 to meet up with Crystal-san for lunch. We shopped around and it was good to have a friend to talk to and vent about work stuff and other things. Afterall, most close friends are in Toronto so it was good to have someone neutral to talk to outside of work... (we talked about you too Lucy-san :p ha ha) Gosh it was cold today with temperatures dropping to 0-5 deg. Bear in mind that Shanghai doesn't have as good insulation, cars, and infrastructure so it was cold everywhere - even at home surfing the net (now). The rest of the day I just took a nap until Yida called me up for dinner. We headed out to 上岛咖啡 for dinner as there's free wireless there.... It was just a soothing and relaxing day to rest up and attend to something stuck on my mind from last week, and it was good. But tomorrow will be workday for me... oh well, all's well and things are under control :)