Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Destination: Kuala Lumpar

And so I lied, didnt get the chance to update my blog while travelling so I've left all my blogging after i enjoyed the nice sun and fine sand :)... Anyways, I arrived to Kuala Lumpar late Friday nite and got settled into Renaissance hotel around 11:30pm. The hotel is close to the Petronas towers which looks pretty nice. Phoned up Charlize, and she was so nice to head out at such a late time from her place. After she picked me up, we headed to the tourist bar streets who's skyline was guarded by Petronas :) Many of the shops along the street were closed already, and we still able to chat and chill for the night.
Then Lizzie took me to a local night market street (Jalan Alor) and ordered us exotic fruit drinks, shrimp noodles, and the feature of the night: fried stingray. It actually tastes very good, and was one of the highlights of my trip. The local street compared to the tourist street was packed till late. After that, I was a bit tired; so headed back to the hotel, but still slept around 5am (woo, i feel young again)... haha. It's so nice to meet with Lizzie in such an exotic and beautiful land as Malaysia :) Here's some pics!


Andrew said...

Hey bud, Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing Day! Be sure to bring back some souvenirs from all your exciting travels :)

akaie said...

The food looks so delicious! I wonder what exotic fruit drink did you try.. maybe it is the one I always like as well.
Happy New Year.

Keith said...

I'm expecting lots of souvenirs and gifts when you come back. Hehe....Happy Holidays Edmund!

Edmund Lee said...

Ha ha ha... i will bring back my tan from Malaysia as souvenir... lols

Yeah, the fruits are very fresh and exotic; durian(yikes), guava, coconut, etc... with lots of cool food.

Hopefully the TW fiber optics can be fixed soon so I can continue updating my blog :"(