Friday, December 15, 2006

Holidays begin!

A nice way of starting holidays is to have my internet connection restored. Gosh... I feel so much better after I can log onto MSN and surf the net at home! Last night after work also marks the beginning of my vacation and I didn't waste any time; started out for dinner at a 四川 restaurant clashing beers with the guys in my team (learned that it is actually 巴蜀 where 刘玄德 started his quest in the Romance of 3 Kingdoms). After dinner as I was a bit woozy after all the alcohal, a colleague from Toronto on biz trip here gave me a ping and we headed out to a pub (I'm not really a pub person, but since there's no internet, pubs wouldn't hurt :p), after more alchohal, we headed to the Bund; he wasn't satisfied and suggested we continue bar hopping, and so we went till around 3:00am... Ho, I feel young again, lols; I don't think I had barhopped ever since I graduated some 4 years ago... ha ha ha


AJEYA RAO said...

Cool...How was Malaysia trip? R u still there?

Edmund Lee said...

Thanks for droppin by! Nah, just started my my holiday, will fly out to Malay this coming Friday... excited! :)