Saturday, November 04, 2006

Taipei travel log - Part II

Ok, I've been roaming around town all day today and signed up for a 1/2 day tour. A company friend was also supposed to show me around tmr morning too. And so I am more convinced that Taipei is a much more better city than Shanghai. I went to 101, Fisherman's wharf, then to XiManDing, and back to 101/NewYork NewYork for dinner/shopping again. I have spent so dang much these two days (I think I overspent on cool stuff), and am behind in work too. I better settle down and reply some emails today or tmr :p Too much fun in TP yo! Anyways, more pics and more thoughts:
1) Food: I bought a travelling book and 70% of it talks about food in TP. Over this week, I have visited most places already, so in conclusion - TP actually doesn't have that much scenic tourist places, but much food and night markets.
2) Clothes: Prices of clothes here are actually similar to those in Toronto, Shanghai is cheaper; but as I mentioned before, the presentation of goods here are much much better.

3) Culture: Taipei was once ruled by Japan for 50yrs (b4 WW1) so there are still many areas of similarities between Jap and Taipei. Once thing for sure, ppl here likes Japanese ppl where Chinamen hates them.
4) Architecture: There's much creative ideas or many expat architects here... The new buildings are pretty nice, with subway stations looking like space stations and malls like space colonies. I was in the subway station today and it reminded me of ZOE. I'll post some building pics up later :)
5) Celebrities: Many celebrities here! I actually ran into Nakata today in my hotel! I'm glad I got the new cam so that I can take a pic instead of just relying on memory like last time with Kelly Chan... Wooo... Anyways, time for bed or time for work? Bah, more interesting tales another day... but so far, I like what I'm seeing!


zukabunni said...

BBT so cheap there :( if i were in taiwan, i'd drink it 5 meals a day!

emails? just put ur hands in ur pants and wait for *package* haha

Doc to be: Henry said...

no tourist place in TP? You must be kidding me. Move your ass to places like 新竹, 花蓮man. lots of nice outdoor, beautiful places to visit!!

AJEYA RAO said...

Cool sounds exciting...Good to know you are traveling around the country. Keep posted on your exploration

akaie said...

No picture of Nakata posted.. how come? Didn't you run into a lot of HK celebrities or fierce uprising against Taiwan president?

Edmund Lee said...

You'll get a bad stomach Pholly, and people won't be able to use the washroom :p

Actually joined some tours today to Northeast TP, but I still have to admit that China has more tourish attractions (altho not that attractive since they are over crowded with ppl). Ha ha.. Eitherway, it's fun in TP already :)

Thanks for dropping by Ajeya, more pics and thoughts to come!

There is there is, Nakata is posted on the bottom right corner... Yeah, maybe I was only at XiManDing for 2 days so didn't get to see too much celebrities - I heard Jolin, Jay, and other pretty TW idols normally stroll there... Bah, no luck.