Thursday, November 23, 2006

Mixed thoughts

Today was a funny day, I saw two locals arguing in the subway. There was this dirty local dressed in rags and was sitting on the floor eating his breakfast (gosh, he did smell). As you know, the rush hour in the morning is nothing to be taken lightly of as people do pack you in like a compressed sardine on the subway. A mid-aged woman was trying to keep her balance as the subway came to an abrupt stop but accidentally stepped on the ragged local. Ragged local was saying something bad to the lady (i couldn't make out what it was) and the incident started. A man dressed in a suit came and confronted the ragged local saying he shouldn't swear nor he should sit on the floor wasting space.... Nevertheless, the two started yelling was asking for a real fight after they got off the subway, one was saying station A and the other station B, making a scene and creating noise pollution.... ha ha. It was just plain hilarious, then it all ended with the ragged local saying 'SHnese people are idiots' (he was probably from another province, and the suited man comparing the ragged local as a cow. It's just funny eh? No wonder foreigners sometimes treat them poorly (i got to admit, myself too) since they don't respect themselves anyways.
But... looking on the other hand; if you are a ragged local living on a 30RMB/day salary (5cad per day), seeing kids poking on blackberries beside you (me), pretty ladies in LVs or Armarnis frowning on you, and being pushed around just because you are tired after carrying things around the city for big corporations and decided to sit down; sometimes the feeling is hard to swallow. Ironic eh? I do not know why I'm actually relating to them despite also trying to avoid standing next to them (to avoid trouble) in the subway. Too bad, it won't be soon to see any changes as the system is rotten to the core; it can only improve with better education, better salaries, deomographic control, and better system. Easier said than done eh?


zukabunni said...

Cheer up! I know how to cheer you up! Flabby coat of skin + *click click click*

Edmund Lee said...

ha ha ha... dang, you know my secret time -_-"