Monday, November 13, 2006

Finding a new place

Over the weekend, was strolling around for a new apartment to live at since this commute is eating into my life. And so, i went to this newly opened subway station at Century Avenue; it's not one of the end stations but was just a newly opened station at PuDong, close to the Pearl tower. I was somewhat impressed at the subway station as it resembles that of a Taiwan station - clean, new, and those Chinese civil guys actually made wider stairwells and more escalators (ah, finally; a station that looks better). The downside is stores and markets are less convenient, but its only a small downside of having an environment with breathable air and space that you can walk on instead of people (picture). Other than that, didn't do much; as I was mainly home trying to rush up for a deadline. But oh well, that's work... speaking of which, the comp actually owes me much $$$, as I haven't expense my Taipei business trip nor my living expenses this month yet. Auck... still got to work hard like a white collar for now :p ha ha.


AJEYA RAO said...

Cool... Exploring SH?

AJEYA RAO said...
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Edmund Lee said...

You bet! My boss is here lately so got to show him around this week. But I think i've explored most of the tourist places already tho... so planning on going to a trip in another country this xmas ;)