Saturday, December 31, 2005

White Christmas!

This morning went to tea with family... Gosh, i only had 4hrs sleep last night, so I felt like a zombie. Good thing was that it was snowing heavily outside - it just looks so nice! (I know, I know, traffic is totally stalled; but hey, it's the weekends and I just enjoy the sight of white snow before it turns into slush).

Boohoo... vacations almost over!

Wooo... so tired, just got back from Japanese buffet and K with friends at Take one tonite. Wow, it's been ages since i sang, ha ha... it took me a hard time to adjust to the newer chords, but it was fun nevertheless, my friends kept saying I needed more practice and suggested we should do this every weekend.... :)

Mmmm.... Christmas vacations are almost over already! Ever notice that the anticipation leading up to holidays seem like a lifetime, but the vacation itself seems to only last several days? Speaking of how fast time passes, it's Dec31st already, and another year is coming to a close..... Happy new years everyone!

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Gundam Fix figurations!

During this X'mas holidays, i finally got the chance and time to build up my Gundam Fix Figurations that I brought over from Japan last year. Ha ha ha, i remember my buddy Andrew and myself always going to Pacific Mall to check out the latest and greatest Fix releases; however, being imported to Canada, their prices are raised fairly high. So during my trip to Japan last year, i've actually pruchased two of the biggest set of Gundams in the Fix Figuration series (Zeta plus / EXs Gundam). I'm amazed at their in depth details and the 'robust'ness of their material and joints - something that I think normal MGs are lacking... Eitherway, i'm really thrilled to build them up and have them being cased in my 'exhibition' shelf :) Stay tuned for more poses and different armours!

Coincidentally, the Strike Freedom Fix Figuration that I preordered from Japan also arrived right before Christmas - perfect time to be the gift for myself. I guess they had to release it before Christmas in Japan as well...

Coconut Production Ltd.

Thanks for the coconut for giving me so much cool cards. And nope, I'm not talking about cards that you get at Hallmark; it's cards that are designed and created personally by Corrie. Alot of thought must gone into the creation of these cards; as they are totally original ranging from their exterior design to interior decorations! And most interestingly, the theme of the cards vary very differently depending on the occasion...

I'm one of the very lucky ones who received Coconut production cards - one this Christmas, and also one for my Birthday... he he, looking forward to seeing Coconut production future designs....!

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Blog online!

I've thought about creating a blog since a long time ago but never really got the chance to (yeah, been lazy). But finally thanks to Miki and Diane for their incredible site, i finally made up my mind, got fired up and decided to build my own blog at last :)

I'm sure it's gonna take a long time and have lots of coding challenges to get my blog up to speed, but somehow i'm looking forward to it! Stay tuned as there's going to be lots of updates through my Christmas holidays~!