Thursday, December 29, 2005

Gundam Fix figurations!

During this X'mas holidays, i finally got the chance and time to build up my Gundam Fix Figurations that I brought over from Japan last year. Ha ha ha, i remember my buddy Andrew and myself always going to Pacific Mall to check out the latest and greatest Fix releases; however, being imported to Canada, their prices are raised fairly high. So during my trip to Japan last year, i've actually pruchased two of the biggest set of Gundams in the Fix Figuration series (Zeta plus / EXs Gundam). I'm amazed at their in depth details and the 'robust'ness of their material and joints - something that I think normal MGs are lacking... Eitherway, i'm really thrilled to build them up and have them being cased in my 'exhibition' shelf :) Stay tuned for more poses and different armours!

Coincidentally, the Strike Freedom Fix Figuration that I preordered from Japan also arrived right before Christmas - perfect time to be the gift for myself. I guess they had to release it before Christmas in Japan as well...

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