Saturday, December 31, 2005

Boohoo... vacations almost over!

Wooo... so tired, just got back from Japanese buffet and K with friends at Take one tonite. Wow, it's been ages since i sang, ha ha... it took me a hard time to adjust to the newer chords, but it was fun nevertheless, my friends kept saying I needed more practice and suggested we should do this every weekend.... :)

Mmmm.... Christmas vacations are almost over already! Ever notice that the anticipation leading up to holidays seem like a lifetime, but the vacation itself seems to only last several days? Speaking of how fast time passes, it's Dec31st already, and another year is coming to a close..... Happy new years everyone!


Mee Shell said...

あげましておめでとう!! You picture is so cute ar!! Those two green characters are funny!

Edmund Lee said...