Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Start to a series of weddings in 2k11!

Life's interesting. Some things you try hard but will never get, while some things will pop up when you least expect it to. As one of my close friends told me never second guess and doubt what could've been; this aligns with my genuine belief that all things happen for a reason, and it's usually for the better (for the good ppl out there lol). Striving too hard to try and achieve what's not meant to be is not good either and this reminds me of a recent popstar divorce in HK. Nick had been trying hard to stand by his skanky wife for two years throughout scandals, x-pictures, and attempted to forget the past in order to raise a happy family. However, human nature doesn't change easily and the couple is going across divorce procedures as infidelity rumors spread for the wife again. That being said, I attended my coworker's wedding last weekend. He's a tad older than all of us and very much a workaholic, we're all very happy to see him find his other half when he least expected it. It was a simple ceremony/banquet with some traditional rituals intentionally left out but in fact I found out that the meaning of marriage was conveyed more stronger than some ceremonies that had endless entertainment and games. Grats to the newly wed!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Let the music continue

And so.... the passion for music continues to flow. We've checked out a couple studios and most of them are pretty ghetto in dark rundown buildings, smoke/weed-smelling rooms, and water-dripping ceilings. However, fun continues as we jam into the night. We're still amateurs but it's a good motivation to keep all of us practicing and tryin to perfect that tune. Feels just like school again with everyone aiming towards a common goal lol.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Sunny skies across town

Weather was awesome last few days as temperature shot up to 30deg Celcius. What else to do aside from enjoying the sunshine with a group of buddies? As coconut will be delivering and myself heading to Austin later parts of the summer for work, we decided to move up our annual Center island outing. Part of the crew headed DT for lunch gathering before roaming across Lake Ontario. There were huge lineups of people waiting for ferry but luckily Ka got a bunch of tix for us without us having to wait crazy hrs.
Biking, chilling, playing frisbee/baseball, beating up busman, and fooling around with cute dogs were highlights of the trip.
Thx Jesse for bringing Buddy and showing us so many tricks, the huge dog in the pic belonged to a friendly lady there and I just had to run up to grab a pic w/ the giant Husky - reminds me of dogsledding! Stay tuned for more activities across summer!

Monday, June 06, 2011

New addition to the family!

As my guitar passion is regaining, along with motivation from friends in renting studio and jamming songs regularly; I've picked up a smexy sister for my elegant yet subtle Takamine... Please to introduce my red hot semi hollow electric... Oh yea... she's a beauty ;) I got them matching cases too! Weeeeeeee

2011 Doors Open

Doors Open occurs once a year and allows visitors to visit the site for free, and there are also rooms that are generally not opened to public which is open on that day. This year, we went to 3 stops - Redpath sugar refinery which has 80+ tonnes of sugar in its silos, King Meridian's hotel which dates back to 1902, and St.James Anglican church that allowed us to roam to the ceiling bell towers.
It was an interesting outing and very enjoyable with the current weather. I haven't been updating my blog for a while due to various situations I was in earlier. However, I'm glad I expressed my mind allowing me to move forward now; which also led myself in carrying some momentum into short term goals I would like to achieve.