Sunday, August 22, 2010

Very fun weekend!

This weekend was a blast. To start it off, one of my HS buddies was getting married on Saturday! Congratulations Janny, and I'm sure Howard and you will have a happy and smooth transition to the next stage in life. The banquet was fun and I'm looking fwd to more pictures being uploaded onto FB or other sites of the wedding. As time moves on, it becomes harder and harder to round up everyone from their busy scheduling, so it's great to met up with most of the active crew from HS.
On Sunday, my buddy at work just moved into his new digs and invited us over for a BBQ. Luckily YY woke me up at 11 else I'll be very late! Despite it was raining, we still had lots of fun with the 'core' peeps there poking fun at each other and having crazy jokes. These are exactly the type of events we all like - speaking openly, being rowdy lol, picking on each other, and just foolin around and having fun :)

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