Friday, August 27, 2010

Hooked on Kdrama lolol

And so, I've been addicted to Korean drama lately. Catchy songs, strong storyline, cute casts, and unexpected developments as the plot unfolds is just entertaining. Here's a running list of recent series that I have gone through provided with a short synopsis for each of them. Since their OSTs are great in the series, feel free to let me know if you would like any of their songs and I can help send/find it for you.
i) That fool (9/10): A romantic comedy that has a nice plot about a (really) pretty korean popstar getting into a fake marriage with a local postman (lucky dude) to avoid the media on her real relationship. However, as time goes by; real feelings developed between superstar and the postman (we refer him to as that fool in the series). How will the story unfold and will they get blamed for fooling all the citizens of Korea about their fake marriage?
2) Coffee House (5/10 - dropped): Supposed to be a romantic comedy but I totally lost interest in the middle of this series. About a girl who originally works in a family owned coffee house and finding herself getting entangled in the life of a novel writer and his witty/pretty business partner. I didn't like the series because it features humor that is not funny at all and pranks made at others' expense over and over again.
3) He who can't marry (8/10): A romantic comedy about a mid 40's architect who is obsessed with his work and ignores almost everyone's feelings. He starts to open up after meeting two females - one being his neighbor who is 20yrs younger, and his new family doctor who had to examine his ()() after getting diarreha.
4) 9 End 2 Outs (3/10 - dropped): A drama that's not good at all, not worth mentioning :p
5) Personal Taste (8/10): If it was not for the songs, I would probably give it a rating of 6.5. The story is a romantic comedy that started out pretty well with interesting twists, but I dislike the fact that there are too much lying and deceit in the plot for the main character, he keeps on making one lie after another. It eventually works out but I thought that the story could have been developed better.
6) Cinderella man (9/10): Just finished this series which was pretty satisfying and cost me lots of late night w.o good sleep. The series is about an orphan who grew up in Korea's clothing flea markets (known as East gate). His life changes drastically as he meets Youjin (Yoouna from SNSD) who is going through some tough time. The story gets interesting as he had to take on the role of someone looking identical to him, but just a gazillion times more wealthier. Unlike Personal taste, our main character here has to make lies for the benefit for others, and not himself.
7) My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (9+ so far): A very light and cute series, still airing in Korea up to ep 6 so far. If things keep up, this might be one of the best series of the list - synopsis will be coming after I complete it! :)

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