Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The calling of the heart....

And I am back, don't know even what I should update after around 8 months of blogging inactivity.
I'm glad that I found myself motivated again and decided to start blogging and listing out what's in my mind recently.

In a nutshell, much has happened in these 8 months and I can say that I sometimes can have very ironic feelings, not sure if many other people are like this as well...? For instance, as you all remember - I was on expat a year ago and working in a foreign country (China). The huge difference between China and Canada has been eating into my way of life after I returned; I was deeply attracted to the colourful livestyle and the endless things that I would experience when I was working as an expat.... Yet a small part of myself feels kind of tired and want to settle down for a more stable life. Isn't it ironic.....? Sometimes I still feel these opposing emotions in myself not knowing what I should do, but I guess right now I have decided to stay put in Toronto where my family and the bulk of my friends are and to continue on for my more subtle lifestyle.

Do everyone knows what that really want? Well, there's the obvious answers of that new dig, a car, a career, some savings, a family, etc etc... but what about the things that one really really want to do?

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Cuckoo said...

Welcome back, once again. Have been waiting to know more about China. Planning to go there next year around this time.