Sunday, March 20, 2011

Human Nature

Al Jazeera has great coverage of breaking news, documentaries, to even small reports like this. This short clip depicts that Japan is working hard in surviving the disaster of the 2011 earthquake, hopefully the nuclear crisis will be controlled soon. The education levels in Japan is also very impressive and people helps each other. At difficult times, survivors line up for food instead of being like Haiti/India/China where people breaks into stores and steps on each other for food. The survivors in the hard hit cities also only buys what they need from the supermarket shelves, and an elderly says 'we only take what we need to survive and leave the rest for others who needs them more'. This is a stark contrast against the ridiculously ugly human nature as listed in recent newspaper where where people in China/HongKong hog iodine salt (they hear Iodine safeguards against radiation) and merchants driving up the prices because of their greediness to earn a few more bucks during this crisis. Quite a huge difference in mentality for cities that are so close to each other eh?


AJEYA RAO said...

Very sad indeed.

Anonymous said...

woow! i dindt know about those boy volunteers :D
thank you very much for your thoughtful posts!! thanks for editting in such good films!!