Friday, January 28, 2011

Typing without really thinking

Haven't really been the most active of blogging lately. Too much happened past several months. One of the things was that my new vehicle finally arrived after 2.5 months of waiting. It's a quite powerful 1.5 tonnes of spaceframe technology (that's what they call it or whatever that means) and has latest gadgetry (more electronics = more potential to fail lol) and would possibly make myself drool over it if I was back in High school or University 10+ yrs ago. However, before we know it - our perspectives change alot from the environment around us and and I didn't find my level of excitement/enthusiasm as I would've expected. I guess as we grow up, there's more things we need to plan, think, and worry about. Since many of my friends asked me; the reason why I spent such a hefty amount on my car is because I can see crap happening just in the blink of an eye; bombs, heart attacks, cancers, car-crashes, accidents etc. Maybe it was there all along but I was too young or hopeful to notice it before. We only live life once and should go for what we want within reason and be whoever we want to be. Over the course of working, traveling, and studying - I do notice that there are many people trying to be someone that isn't really themselves, maybe I was also one of them when I was growing up too. Not sure why I decided to post this but just wanted to type out what I felt without thinking too much today.


可可 said...

Seems like you have some deep thoughts behind this random typing wor. I hope things are ok.

You are absolultely right. Work hard, play hard, enjoy life is very important.

Edmlee said...

Thanks coconut, yeah - just caught up with recent events and things. Yup, godda enjoy life!