Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Oh... hay!

Last year I drove by a farm and took some snapshots of huge hay rolls that farmers were gathering. Unfortunately, not knowing my DSLR system well enough at that time - I carelessly deleted the picture :( Since then I always had been on the lookout for huge hay rolls and fields where I can safely trespass and walk up close to take a picture. After a year of keeping my eyes peeled, I finally found some last weekend when I was cruising by the outskirts of Toronto!! Had to do an abrupt U-turn to take a pic of this, it's amazing such simple composition/landscape can make myself intrigued for a whole year lol.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Rabbits... everywhere!

LOL, one day I returned home and saw my parents left something for me... a note o_O". Ah dang, I forgot that they had earlier dinner plans already else I would've rang up my friends for dinner. Oh well, after much procrastination and unsuccessful attempts to try and find last minute peeps on MSN that nite; I went to jog outside and returned to cook my own meal.
At that time, my cousin had left her wrabbit for us to take care as she went on a trip w/ the uncles. Anyways, seems weird that I'm getting quite acquainted with so many wrabbits lately - wild and domesticated ones alike LOL. Oh well, aside from washing her face - she also seem to enjoy the nice aroma of my healthy homemade noodles^^ lol

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Wasaga here we go!

What are we going to do when we have sunny skies, hot weather, a very hard-to-get free time from friends? To the bbbbbeeeeacccchhhh we go! Despite the traffic jam and leading our driver friend *ahem* down an unpaved sideroad as a shortcut; everything turned out great. Lots of people were in Wasaga during this time of year, and there were also a large crowd gathering around the big screen looking at the Worldcup games. Volleyball, sunbathing, chilling with beer'n pizza, and some uncoordinated jumps made our annual beach trip a very memorable outing!