Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Oh... hay!

Last year I drove by a farm and took some snapshots of huge hay rolls that farmers were gathering. Unfortunately, not knowing my DSLR system well enough at that time - I carelessly deleted the picture :( Since then I always had been on the lookout for huge hay rolls and fields where I can safely trespass and walk up close to take a picture. After a year of keeping my eyes peeled, I finally found some last weekend when I was cruising by the outskirts of Toronto!! Had to do an abrupt U-turn to take a pic of this, it's amazing such simple composition/landscape can make myself intrigued for a whole year lol.


AJEYA RAO said...

Thats an amazing shot! What are these hays?

ah gee said...

Cool shot! Love how the clouds appear in the pic.

Edmlee said...

Hi Ajeya! Welcome back! Haven't seen u blog for a while; hope things are going well on ur side. The hay rolls were found 30mins north of Toronto and are in this shape so farmers can store them over winter for their animals. They are hugggeeee too, standing up by them; i think i'm only 3/5 it's height!

Thanks for the compliments Jan!