Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Next Stop in Silk Road

It's been a busy few weeks with much things needing attention to. However, decided to take a breather and continue my blog. The last stop Lanzhou didn't leave me with much expectations but I was shocked when arriving at TianShui. It features mountains deep in layers of forestry and trees, and it's Maijishan Grottoes was definately my highlight of the trip. It was literally a sculpted mountain from 1500-2000 yrs back. what's amazing was that there were little to no human intervention to it so what you see is what you see years ago. The only things that was built was the 27 story flight of stairs that took 60 yrs to complete. Spanning deep into the clouds, one would imagine how difficult the workers would use to work sculpting the artwork while being suspended from the air.
After Tianshui, we headed towards Xian for the Terracotta warriors tomb, which I find it so so, maybe I've seen too much TV shows about it and expected more? It was nonetheless very grand and an integral part of Chinese history. At this point, many people from the group were sick due to sanitary and diarrhea, but luckily I still had that little immune system built up from my expat so was still eating much of the foods around and about. Despite this, it was around 15 days into the tour and I was beginning to feel tired; however, I also longed to see more since I understand the trip will be ending soon after we go on to the next stop in Beijing.


AJEYA RAO said...

Wow...i would love to see the terracota warriors some day

Anonymous said...

wooow i wanna see the warriors too!! looking Awesome!!
and i love that quote on the top of your blog. Retweeted on my facebook page. whose quote is it??
thank you million :)

Edmlee said...

@ Ajeya: yup, they were pretty interesting; I hope they take out more tho since they only unearthed a small portion of the 3000 warriors.

@ Niki, ty :) The quote was actually written by one of my friends and I built on top of it to make it more fluent. I also like the meaning behind it too. WB to bloggin^^!