Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Veggie wonderland

1-2-3-4... 5... wait... 6! A total of 6 residents had been found in my parent's backyard! A huge mama wrabbit and 5 little baby rabbits was making themselves feel just like at home in the vegetable garden. It was a cute sight, and extremely difficult to capture all of them in the same picture since they would jump in all directions when they detect the slightest sound or see something big closing in on them.
With the baby rabbits size smaller than a fist; it was certainly a very delightful sight although they had been going through (aka. chomping it down) the vegetable it sees! Ah oh well, that's the beauty of wildlife; afterall, we're the ones taking over their homeland :)


AJEYA RAO said...

Nice...Seems like i have missed quite a lot of events whiel i was gone. :-) Good to know you have a garden at home.

Edmund Lee said...

Ajeya buddy! Welcome back! Great to see u around and about :D