Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Endless work

Life's weird.
When we are children; we strive hard in school to get good grades to pass grade X. When we are youths; we study hard to get into a good university so that we can get a better job. When we are adults; we work hard so we can save up for a house or enough to start a family. When we are mid-age; we save hard so there's enough for kids education' or retirement funds.
Before we know it, time just flew by and we're retired - but we'll be too old to enjoy activities we missed out before, or people that are not there anymore.
Dangit, why so serious or work so hard?


AJEYA RAO said...

:-) We never live for ourselves.

numerounity said...

Its Human tendancy to chase what is not with us and forget what is with us.


xen said...

so don't study too hard, don't wokr too hard... :)

bunnip said...

awwww why so negative? work hard but play harder ma!!