Sunday, July 27, 2008

Spoiled myself again and got a new hobby

And so... I spoiled myself once again, getting a new toy and possibly a new hobby yesterday. I picked up a new Camera - a DSLR...! I kept seeing lots of friends carrying around huge cameras and communicating in alien technical camera jargon before, and now I'm getting infected too... Granted, it's an expensive hobby to have - but I find that as time moves on and never return; a nice camera is a good investment as we can look back and savor the moments with loved ones, friends, and life as time progresses. Of all my recent toys (listed earlier), I think my Takamine (guitar) and camera were the wisest choice of them all.... Hopefully I will get to post some nice pictures on my blog soon with my new camera altho here's one of the pics I snapped earlier today.
Aside from my camera, I just finished a recent TV documentary called "China rises" on CBC which was just shot maybe a couple months ago. It does bring back nolgistic feelings of the times I was back in China. The show was fairly complete, as it shows the life of people from different backgrounds - the successful hip hop youths who has the education/talent and am enjoying the prosperity of the modern life. And on the other side, the forgotten factory workers who were once proud population of Shanghai when it was still a factory stronghold, and now only finding themselves evicted from their properties to make way for new construction sites, and are struggling just to make a living. It's a sad reality, but it does convey a powerful message by showing at the perspective from both sides. I highly encourage others to watch this touching and unbiased show.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Having a breather....

Sometimes it just feels so great to take several days off, not doing anything, and just relax... And that was exactly what I did last week when I took Wed-Friday off, while declining all activities to stay home and relax. Despite there's always that urge to go out, meet people, and to try and accomplish as much as possible in as little time - sometimes it feels good to recharge just to chill at home. Is this part of human nature that we all have this 'comfort zone' and just want to rest, or is it just that i'm lazy...? ha ha... Eitherway, played PS3 and my guitar during this free time off. PS3 is create by Sony and being a HW engineer myself; I find that game consoles are just making its way into everyones' - be it the Wii, PS3, Xbox, etc. Will it evolve into not just a game console; but maybe an entertainment and multimedia console? A compact powerful little machine that can play BR, HD, DVD, CD, VCD, surf the net, online shopping, and pay the bills anywhere in the house. We normally have isolated PCs lying around in specific rooms, but will future consoles set a new trend for humanity moving forward?