Sunday, July 27, 2008

Spoiled myself again and got a new hobby

And so... I spoiled myself once again, getting a new toy and possibly a new hobby yesterday. I picked up a new Camera - a DSLR...! I kept seeing lots of friends carrying around huge cameras and communicating in alien technical camera jargon before, and now I'm getting infected too... Granted, it's an expensive hobby to have - but I find that as time moves on and never return; a nice camera is a good investment as we can look back and savor the moments with loved ones, friends, and life as time progresses. Of all my recent toys (listed earlier), I think my Takamine (guitar) and camera were the wisest choice of them all.... Hopefully I will get to post some nice pictures on my blog soon with my new camera altho here's one of the pics I snapped earlier today.
Aside from my camera, I just finished a recent TV documentary called "China rises" on CBC which was just shot maybe a couple months ago. It does bring back nolgistic feelings of the times I was back in China. The show was fairly complete, as it shows the life of people from different backgrounds - the successful hip hop youths who has the education/talent and am enjoying the prosperity of the modern life. And on the other side, the forgotten factory workers who were once proud population of Shanghai when it was still a factory stronghold, and now only finding themselves evicted from their properties to make way for new construction sites, and are struggling just to make a living. It's a sad reality, but it does convey a powerful message by showing at the perspective from both sides. I highly encourage others to watch this touching and unbiased show.


可可 said...

woohoo! Our outings will now be better documented than before!

Cuckoo said...

Congrats for the camera and I think you are the right person to experiment with it.
Something is waiting here for people like you.

And your documentary is on CBC ? Would love to see it. I wonder when it is going to feature.


AJEYA RAO said...

hey how r u?

Edmund Lee said...

Hiya Ajeya, glad to hear from you again...! I'm doing alright, how about u? Last I heard from you, you were mentioning about new digs :)..

PS. I tried adding you on my FB but didn't get a response yet, probably u were busy to log on that site yet eh? Tare care yo!