Tuesday, October 07, 2008

It's froid desu...

And so, weather's been getting cold in Toronto lately and it seems that it's moving towards the end of Autumn despite it's only in Oct... Leaves are turning red although I haven't had a chance to take some nice pictures yet. It's a huge change in scenery and temperature from Austin where it's still quite hot during this time. That reminds me that I was venturing into the heart of a famous park reserve called Mount Bonnell right before I returned back to Toronto. It features many rocky steps up the hill to the top where it overlooks a small river that channels itself through the west side of Austin. Climbing so many stairs reminded myself that I once enjoyed climbing up high places - especially on an aircraft where one would get to peak down at a sea of clouds in awe.
That may also be the reason why I was recently heavily sucked into this game called "Perfect World" causing myself from updating my blog until now. In this free MMORPH that is set in the middle ages, one assumes the role of a warrior, magician, or vecromancer. And well, I'm an elven cleric who flies through out the vast skies of the game. The most interesting part of the game was due to it's flexible storyline and allows everyone to meet up with their friends online. You can join up with friends forming a party to explore the Haunted Caverns, or commute to the Dreaming Stronghold to determine why there are a sudden influx of weird herbs popping up through out the land. I would highly recommend this game to anyone who is not afraid of getting addicted to it :) Check it out!


Cuckoo said...

C'est vrai. Il est en effet froid. :)

Well, October and one doesn't feel cold.. can't happen. :)


AJEYA RAO said...

Hello Edmund,

Can you email me to ajeyar@yahoo.com...I wanted to know your email id