Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Nuthing new

Don't know why i'm getting a lack of motivation and energy; maybe it's the change of environment, the lack of human interaction, or i'm growing old despite much as happened. So, in a nutshell; here's some recent developments:
- Officially reporting to Austin and will start forming up a new group in Toronto.
- Bought skiblades which was the highlight so far.
- Went skiing with the guys last Saturday and planning for another one soon.
- Had lots of reunions with Toronto friends lately.
- Attended an Agilent seminar today which was pretty cool.
- Lack of motivation to reply emails.
- Feel awkwardly uncertain of where I want to settle down.
- Bought Rogue Galaxy and Final Fantasy Xii that were on my Ps2 queue.
- Chinese new years endless gatherings and gained weight.
Oh... and feeling tired all the time... Mmmm.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Pure Adrenaline

Gosh, was stumbling across some car sites as I was getting tired of studying HW stuff all weekend (aside from Chinese new year activities). Saw the new Volvo C30... My my... it really is irresistible. Despite still having 2+ yrs before I can change my car, my eyes widen after seeing this car and it has highly shaken my thought of getting an Audi for my next car. A3 vs C30 vs IS? Gosh.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Busy back in Toronto

Being back to Toronto since last Saturday, I didn't get much time to rest up and recover from jetlag. Work has been quite busy right after I returned to the Toronto office on Monday. Since the merger, there were lots of meetings including conversations between Austin, Toronto, SRDC, and soon there's going to be more. I may also be transtioning to my new role depending on next weeks' outcome as well. Not having much time to recuperate, clothes and the massive amount of things that I bought from SH are still scattered throughout my room^^; and I also came home to find a totally virus infected system. It wasn't a pretty sight - I had to do fresh install 2 times, along with lots of spysweeping / adware / virus checkers and the ordeal lasted for 4 days before I finally recovered my desktop. It was a colleague at work who provided me with an application called Kapersky that finally detected and killed all my viruses / adware, those Symatec and McAfee are totally useless. Aside from a crazily busy week and missing SH lifestyle for a bit already, it's good to be home to spend Chinese new years with the family; along with meeting and finding out what old friends had been up to. Although there are still lots more friends that I still neet to meet and catch up with. Oh yeah, also picked up a new phone (Moto K1) as mines' was stolen in SH last Oct...

Thursday, February 08, 2007

A new journey awaits

Wooo... the Mini-skirts are back! The weather was absolutely wonderful last several days with temperature shooting up to as high as 15deg Celcius in early Feb. Colleagues and friends suggest that it was abnormal for it to be so warm in the season but I'm still enjoying the nice scenery as klickitty heels and mini-skirts are back in the hood. Gosh, I'm going to miss this. As my term nears, I'm getting excited to head back to Toronto to meet up with friends, family, and hopefully do some skiing; yet at the same time I am getting mixed feelings as I know I'm going to miss Shanghai. Afterall; I had been here for 8-9 months on and off, building a group up from scratch, and getting to meet some wonderful personalities and see things I really enjoy (prev post of things I will miss) which guided me to understand more of myself. All too true now that it's nearing my departure as I will be heading back this Saturday - time does fly, and I thought I had only been in China for several months. Oh well, a journey ends and another one begins.... I'm not going to say goodbye since if opportunity knocks again, maybe I'll travel to this side of the world again. Till another time, but never say goodbye.....