Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Nuthing new

Don't know why i'm getting a lack of motivation and energy; maybe it's the change of environment, the lack of human interaction, or i'm growing old despite much as happened. So, in a nutshell; here's some recent developments:
- Officially reporting to Austin and will start forming up a new group in Toronto.
- Bought skiblades which was the highlight so far.
- Went skiing with the guys last Saturday and planning for another one soon.
- Had lots of reunions with Toronto friends lately.
- Attended an Agilent seminar today which was pretty cool.
- Lack of motivation to reply emails.
- Feel awkwardly uncertain of where I want to settle down.
- Bought Rogue Galaxy and Final Fantasy Xii that were on my Ps2 queue.
- Chinese new years endless gatherings and gained weight.
Oh... and feeling tired all the time... Mmmm.


AJEYA RAO said...

Lots of interesting things....and you say nuthing new? :-) Well glad that you are having fun being back home with family and friends.

bunnip said...

i heard that men in their 30s gain weight and start striving for stability :P dun worry la, once things settle down, you'll get a better grasp at things. In the meanwhile, go enjoy life! i.e FFXII + beer + ham sup jokes! yay!