Monday, August 06, 2007

Long weekend

And so, it was a long weekend... a long weekend of work! It started off with myself working until 10:30pm on Friday, but that didn't matter as it was my buddies' wedding was on Saturday which turned out great. Billy and Elizabeth had finally decided to "pull the skylights" (or so they say in chinese) and got married. It was specifically happy since it was someone close, one of those buddies that I had known for a long time. Dating back, I've known this guy since kindergarden in HK, then we went to the same elementary school and high school in Toronto. After graduation in different universities, our companies were also aligned next door until Billy decided to head down to California with Eli. - talk about fate eh? They had dated since high school and it was one of those great moments to see them get together after a long time and with some hiccups (like all relationships do). And so, Sat was a great day; meeting up with all of my closest friends and having fun till very late.
Then comes Sunday, I had to go to work from 10-8pm, and to make things worst? I felt like I didn't accomplish much at all. My brain was spinning fast and thinking what went wrong that nite so I didn't get a decent nites' sleep at all. I headed back to the office on Monday (holiday) at 9am and worked until 1pm, just shortly after i arrived home and had lunch; i got some calls and emails dragging me back to the office until the end of the day. I guess it's alright, considering we finally got a break and got to the bottom of an issue. Oh well, the "long" weekend is still good I suppose; as it was great meeting up with close friends during the wedding, having awesome meals with family on both sat and sun; and the gathering at Ka & Coconut's place. It was a funny get-together as we shared pictures and laughter... thanks Corrie for organizing and letting us the noisy bunch into their home :)


Andrew said...

You seem to have skipped a day, where's your Sunday? (read carefully)

AJEYA RAO said...

My best freind too got married earlier this year, he is my friend since grade 1, and i can understand....its a very surprising to notice that we have grown up to get married and settled down.....and your family start turning towards u.:-)

Edmund Lee said...

Ha ha, Sunday added back in!

Yeah, time really flies by fast eh? Just hope that we can live life to the fullest when we loo back some 40-50 yrs later..