Saturday, July 07, 2007

Reckless Fire?

Now the fun begins.... I dunno what has happened or altered my chain of thoughts lately... but aside from regaining that drive and passion at work for myself; I've began looking at side things after work. Possibly after finding out that many friends have moved on after my trip back from Shanghai and Austin... I mean those expat and biz trips are helpful for my career; but I sometimes feel I am not doing enough as compared to close friends who are getting married, buying a house, making that big decision of relocating for work, etc... So, instead of procrastinating and looking back like not accomplishing anything, i'm moving forward and doing what I think i want to... regardless of small things ranging from jogging, to taking on a new project of renovating my parents' house basement, or starting to give that scam-off attitude to clueless people at work... Is this reckless fire? I don't know... but it sure energizes myself... and I hope i'm on the right path to make that successful next big step in life >:)


可可 said...

While you see the steps others are making, you are also making many steps yourself.

When I see you, I see you have gained a lot through these 2 years, to have the experience to lead a team and work in various tough situations in China and Austin. [Not going to mention your precious car - which you got before many of us got our own car already.]

So we are all really taking steps and all growing together. As long as we don't take anything for granted, do what we want to do and what we feel right to do in life.

Anonymous said...

oh my!! you are looking good :)
buying a house is a big issue for poor ppl who will have to pay more tax & loans for decades isnt it?
wish you a happy sunday and thanks for dropping by!!

AJEYA RAO said...

This happens....all the tasks club in together and you get confused what to start, since all seems important.....I use my engineering planning tols in real life helps a lot.

Edmund Lee said...

@Coconut: Thanks, that did made me feel a bit better... Gosh, time does fly eh, and we all are growing fast!

@Niki: Thx for droppin by! Yeah, i don't have a house myself yet... but am saving up for it... Renovating my parents' basement is pretty cool though, can practice my DIY reno skills before i get my own house :)

@Ajeya: Yeah, seems that the tasks and things-to-do grows more and more to the point it's overwhelming... Oh well, take it one small step at a time :)

Cuckoo said...

First things first. This is not my first visit here. I have come here earlier too from Ajeya's blog. :)

Well, every phase of life & each person we meet teaches us something.. good and bad both.
It is up to us to take the good ones (what we think are the good ones), relax & then move on.

All the Best for your tasks ahead.

Thanks for dropping by. Hope to see more of you on both my blogs.

My so called other blog is
where I record my travel experiences.

Cuckoo said...

Also, I can see India is nowhere in your list. Neither visited nor wanting to visit. Why so?

Edmund Lee said...

@ Cuckoo, thanks for dropping by and your encouragement :)

India will eventually be one of my visiting spots but hopefully i can cheap out if i can follow the comp there as we have a small site there along with Singapore and Dresden...

Right now, i think i would like to see UAE... and some parts of middle east the most (despite it's instability). I guess what attracts me is that alot of civilization started there in Mesopotamia....