Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Recently... unmotivated

Don't know why..... but feels that planning isn't too important lately... prossibly due to the recent changes at work so I don't really do any planning anymore and stick with the 'Sh1t Happens' thoery now... ha ha. There's still the long term goals like saving for a house, nicer car, yadda yadda... but feel that short term planning isn't that important anymore since things change too rapaidly. Anyways, didn't update much since not much happened, but will be doing a major revamp of the blog soon. Some news:
- latest planned biz trip to US has been pushed now to April 22nd... may stay there for a months' time >_<. It's cool, but i'm not overly thrilled.
- went to David Tao's concert last weekend! Will post up some pics after i find some card reader for my new camera's mini-SD memory stick. Anyone know where i can find one cheap? Been comparing with prices in SH and gosh, things are definately overpriced here!
- bought a new toy for myself: Macross YF19... a very detailed plane, same with my VF1S from the Macross serise I got earlier. However, the colour is kinda yellow... thinking of repainting it to white :) Oh, and this things pretty expensive; can't imagine i spent so much on a toy :p
And the rest? Pure work work work, ffxii, work work work, K, and sleep. Not much in progress plans at all... oh well.


akaie said...

Haha.. we are in the same boat! Don't know if I'm motivated or not because I basically don't need to think what I need to do everyday. Everything is planned out and I just need to find the time to finish them. Have fun in your next business trip.

Edmund Lee said...

Thanks WinWin... too bad my planned trip to Vancity has been postponed... will possibly head to Austin and Cali later in the month... Hope to drop by and bug you tho!