Saturday, April 23, 2011

An under appreciated occupation in Canada: Nursing

I'm impressed. And for those who knows me, I don't get impressed easily. Due to circumstances, mom has checked into Princess Margaret for her treatments. The doctors are very professional and the place does not resemble a hospital at all. Being family of patient or friends who needs to be admitted to a hospital, sometimes one ponders if there may be alternatives and would it be better to hire homecare to stay at home. However, PMH completely changed that thought. It specializes in specific fields of research and to be honest, I really cannot think of a better alternative given the situation. However, I am impressed not because of top-notch doctors or the hospital being one of the top 5 in the world; I am impressed because of the level of detailed planning gone into hospitality/food, and the nurses. Despite working long hours and over the holidays - the nurses continue to genuinely care for each patient and tries try their best to make everyone feel better, keep the environment clean of germs, give strict warning to visitors not to bring germs in, and listen to the patient attentively. I'm not going into too much details as there are much examples and I do not want to create some sort of unnecessary guideline for reference. All I can say is that the nurses doesn't get much credit for the type of work they do, and I am truly grateful at their professionalism and care they provide.