Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mosquito Bay

Plants staying inside the house over Winter is like a haven for mosquitos! But dun fret! Modern tech at its best is available! Yep, I'm talkin about stickers coated in special scent to attract those little nimblers... Dangit, can't wait till spring comes so that we can stick those plants back outdoors again >:)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Dogsled Excursion

And so... it was a freezing Winter, but to fully enjoy this season in Canada; we decided to go do something outdoors. Something new, something exciting; and one of my friends, Jessi decided to pull something together for a dogsled excursion. It's roughly 3hrs drive North and despite the chilly weather, it was a great experience! Each sled comprises of 2 folks and 6 dogs. The official term is referred to as "dog mushing", and is an older Inuit/Native way of commuting around the northern tundra. It was interesting to learn the different tones used to command the dogs as they respond to different pitches. In the middle of the run, I did feel guilty of having the dogs pull us; so my sled buddy and I occasionally jumped off and helped push the sled to relieve the dogs some stress.
Dog sledding aside, the scenery was exceptional as there were clean snow on treebarks, crisp unpolluted air, and limited humans in this frozen winter wonderland. More detailed pictures of the handsome huskies can be found on my Flickr site in a bit :)

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Into 2010 - new choices and decisions

It's officially marked as the 2nd day into 2k10 today. As we step into the new year, it's difficult not to look back - old hobbies dropped and new ones picked up, obsolete goals scratched out and revised plans being followed, old relationships faded and new ones started. Ah, all too well do I know that there's a limit to how much water we can pour into a cup - everyday we struggle to keep up with opportunity costs while hoping the decision that we choose is the better one.
Reflecting over the past year, I'm sure that there's going to be plenty of decisions to be made in the new year and just hope everything will be smooth. Afterall; I'm not like our little friend here who's climbed 2 stories high, and trying to look for foods while defying gravity.